Nanowrimo: Day #1.


High Horse

Ok, so I recently joined a role play website called Oneworldroleplay.  A lot of people are moving over there because they do not like the changes being made on myspace.  So, I created a Vampire Academy role playing group, and am in the search of a co-mod (someone to help me with approving writing auditions etc etc.).  So, I had this one girl audition for the role of one of the main characters, Princess Lissa Dragomir.  Ok, so she sends it in, and honestly, I felt my brain melt when I read it. I have absolutely no idea what she was trying to say.  So, after reading her audition, I politely declined it, and she got all huffy because she can’t take criticism.  Now, anyone who knows me, knows that I am more than fair.  This is a dog eat dog world, and I did specifically say that this was an 18+, mature, mutli para/novella role play group.  Well, take a look at her sample:

Vasilisa Dragomir is a the last of the Dragomir line which made her princess and she’s been trying to be normal as possible but it isn’t easy when something happens and it tells you that your not normal but the only person that has been treating her like a normal person is her best friend Rose. Lissa and Rose met when Rose and her parents were in a car accident and Rose was standing at deaths door and Lissa healed her. So Rose lived and her parents didn’t but Lissa had a friend for life now. And they wouldn’t wanna have it any other way because Rose and Lissa are like sisters. And if she didn’t have Rose she’d probably feel alone because Rose is the only true friend Lissa has.

And that’s how it’s been since that day they were inseparable ever since that day. Everywhere Lissa was Rose was right there with her the good girl and the rebel just the way it should have been and they put a new meaning to best friends forever. Back to Lissa now Lissa has beautiful long platinum blond hair and jade green eyes. And is the most caring person in the world if she were to find a hurt animal laying somewhere and she would just walk over to it and heal it. And even if she saw a dead animal she’d wanna heal it to make it better.

But one day at the start of the year Lissa was walking the halls looking for Rose not knowing that Rose too was looking for her and as she was looking down all the different halls she finally finds her and walks over to her and said”hey where have you been I’ve been looking all over for you”Lissa says looking a Rose. And rose let out a small laugh and said”I’ve been looking for you so where have you been”she says as they both bursts out laughing as they walked together down the hall.”so what’s on the agenda for tonight Lissa asks looking at Rose then Rose said”I don’t know yet but whatever it is it’ll be a blast.

They talk and laugh as they walk to Lissa’s room and they sit down and they talk about their day and how boring it to have to come back to it .And how much they wished they were still running. Then suddenly there’s a knock on the door it was one of Lissa’s other friends her and rose told one another that they’d talk later then after rose left.Lissa and her other  friend talked for alittle bit then soon after that  Lissa went to get a bite to eat. But didn’t go right back to her room as she had planned on doing she walked around for a bit before going to her room and turning in for the night.

And this is my response to that.  Please tell me if I am out of line.

While I appreciate your efforts, I am afraid that isn’t exactly what I am looking for in our Lissa.  I had trouble understanding what exactly it is you were trying to say, as there were some significant grammar errors and a lot of run on sentences.

I do however, welcome you to audition for an original character when I open roles. I apologize for the inconvenience, and thank you for your writing sample.

Her response to that is this:

I take it I won’t be moderator either?

My response:

Unless you can drastically improve the grammar, I am afraid not.  I need a co-mod who has a deeper understanding of the English language.  I am a bit of a grammar nut, as I am about to be a published author, so I have some very high standards.  Poor grammar and spelling reflects badly on the group.

Her response:

fine then I tried and obviously its not good enough so now you need 7 friends till roles open up and I will find a role play group to go for that isn’t like getting into college

(wow she obviously isn’t even in high school with that kind of an attitude!)

So, my response to that, hoping this would be the last part of the conversation:

In all fairness, it does say in our headline that this is an 18+, mutli para/novella rpg.  Good luck on your quest.

Her response to that (this was what pissed me off after I was polite. she got way out of line here.)

i’m sure i’ll find something where there isn’t high mighty people thinking their better then everyone else because they can do perfect english well guess what i’d like to see you do perfect english when the you use doesn’t have spell check oh what your gonna be a publsihed author about what how to ruin an role play group by being a stuck up bitch

My response (harsh, but polite):

Look, I do not have time for this. I do not think that I am “high and mighty,” I just have high standards.  I have been role playing online since 2005.  You never said you did not have spell check, so do not fault me there.  You should  have proof read your work before sending it to me, which you obviously did not do.  I am not a bitch, and do not appreciate being called such.  I was nice enough and offered you the chance to audition as an original character.  I am sorry you can not take constructive criticism well.

Good luck in finding another rpg.  There aren’t many on here.

Her response:

Maybe your right but theres always myspace where people aren’t as stuck up and snobby as you

My response:

I hope to god you aren’t planning on becoming an author one day. If you can’t take the little bit of criticism I just gave you, a literary agent or publisher will tear you a part.  I am just saying.

Good luck with your role play and have a nice day.

Now, Please tell me if I was the slightest bit out of line in any of my responses? I feel that I was more than polite and do not deserve to be called a bitch.

I honestly am sick and tired of my job.  I am sick & tired of my coworkers talking about me behind my back.  I know they do.  I see the looks on their faces when I approach them.  Because of them, and some of my mistakes, my job is now on the line.  Come Friday, I will either be in a different department, or out of a job once again.

My boss tells me that I am not working “fast enough” for them.  I know I’m a little slow, but there is another person who is just as slow, if not slower.  She should have honestly just let me go yesterday.  I’m just sooo ugh pissed off.  So now, I have to wait out the week for a “final verdict.”  Honestly, I feel like I am on trial here, and I do not like it.  Granted, yes, I work in a law firm, but still.  This is just complete and total bullshit.  If you don’t want me, don’t feel sorry for me. I’ll be ok. Unemployment benefits are back, I’m still 26, and can possibly be put back on my moms health insurance.  So, I’ll be ok. I can take up temping for a while or something.  Don’t do me any favors and make me have to suffer the torment from my coworkers who are “nice” to my face, but are backstabbers in the office.


Authors Notes: This is a spin-off of my novel The World Among Us, Angels of Fire.   Elise Stevenson, a news reporter, interviews a notorious assassin, Leon Greene.  Leon is responsible for murdering his best friend, Jason Aysel, the former leader of the magical world.  Leon grants Elise exclusive rights to the interview, as they are old time friends.  Please leave a review and let me know what you think of this completed version of Murderous Regrets.

I took down the story that was originally here, because Otherworld Publications has agreed to publish it as an ebook!  How exciting?  I will be posting the reviews that I have received here on the testimonials section of my website, http://www.bethannmasarik.webs.com.

Thank you so much to those who have submitted reviews and have already read the story!  I really appreciate your feedback!

So, I have been tossing around the idea about writing a book based off of historical events.  What I was thinking was making up a character and his or her family, and telling the historical event from their point of view.  The only problem is, I can’t decide which historical event to choose from.

Last night on my facebook page, I have posted that exact question, and received an overwhelming response.  What I want you, the people to do is, to please vote on which event you want to see written about.  Please, only vote ONCE.  majority rules.

Salem Witch Trials

WWII-forbidden romance (a Jew falling in love with a German most likely)

An American Slave Trade novel-self explanitory.

Early 20th century labor unrest romance novel

French Revolution

Medieval Times-kinghts and jousts defending womens honor etc, etc

Cavemen who meet time traveling astronauts (not so sure about this one LOL)

Well, those are the options. If you have any other suggestions, I’m all ears, but I’d really like for you to vote on which one I should write about.  Your help is greatly appreciated.

The World Among Us

Angels of Fire

Written by Beth Ann Masarik


Love Story

(click on the word Love Story to hear the song by Taylor Swift. It’s the theme song to my novel)

Selene and Hades from The World Among Us

Author’s Notes: The following is a synopsis to my series The World Among Us.  Angels of Fire is the first book in the series, and the following describes in depth detail on what my story is about.  I hope you enjoy it, and please any advice on how to make my synopsis better is greatly appreciated 🙂  Enjoy 🙂 OH and the photo above was edited by a very good friend of mine who is the story’s biggest fan.  She is my Hades 🙂

Not a sound was heard from Hades for the last three thousand years. Although every now and then one of his demons would cause a muck, and Gaia would have to put things back to order. In the year 1989, things were not so quiet anymore. Damien, Hades son, had fallen in love with the moon goddess, Selene.

Hating that his son was in love with his sworn enemy’s granddaughter, Hades ordered his niece, DuVessa, to kill Endymion, Selene’s husband, and then came up with a new mission. He ordered Damien to murder Selene, his one and only love. If Damien did not complete his mission, he would be sent to live the rest of his eternal life in the in-between world, otherwise known as Limbo.

Not wanting to spend his life there, Damien reluctantly completed the task. He was tired of being a disgrace to his father, and wanted to impress him. Hades had disowned him 3,000 years ago when Damien was turned into a vampire, therefore taking away Damien’s demi-god status.  When Hades handed Damien the poison, he did what he had to do.

It was the most difficult task that Damien has ever had to do.  He had to earn Selene’s trust while using her, something Damien did not think he was capable of doing.  He used Endymion’s death as an excuse to speak to her, and offered her a shoulder to cry on.  Selene foolishly took the bait, and let Damien into her home.  She revealed to him her plan to bury Endymion on the moon, and confessed to needing help with brewing a potion to allow people to breath and bring gravity to the moon.  That was Damien’s in, and he offered to help her with the potion making.  Toasting with a glass of wine, Damien poisoned her glass when Selene wasn’t looking.  The second she took a sip of her wine, Selene curled over and died, leaving an empty void in the pit of Damien’s stomach.

When Damien murdered Selene, the world went into chaos. The moon was a source of light and guidance, and without the moon’s light, mortals and creatures alike, went crazy. Damien felt so guilty for the trouble he had caused, that he went back to the scene of the crime, and let himself get arrested.  When he was brought to Mount Olympus, he stood before Gaia and she passed judgment on him.  Since Selene’s parents had decided on reincarnating the young goddess, Gaia decided to assign Damien guard duty.  He was to guard Theia, Selene’s mother during her pregnancy, and keep her from harms way.

During Theia’s pregnancy, Gaia had to put her into hiding.  Fortunately, a well-known and respected wizard by the name of Jason Aysel was willing to house Theia and the unborn baby.  Gaia gave the OK, and Damien, Theia and Selene went to live with Jason Aysel.

Seriously, my head is spinning with so many dang ideas that I want to write out, but there just isn’t enough time in the day!  I want to write a vampire academy/house of night fanfic, plus 9 million other fanfics.  gah so so many ideas! Not that I am complaining about them, no of course not! I am quite grateful for them actually, I just don’t know which one to start with.  Perhaps I will start with the vampire academy/house of night cross over! Yeah….That’s what I’ll do 🙂

ok time to stop yacking and start writing!